David Riaño Molina – comp, g, gaita, voc (CO)
Carolina Riaño Gomez – voc,, perc.(CO)
Kati Brien – gaita, sax.(D)
Nils Ostendorf – tp, syn.(D)
Sergio Gomez – b, voc.(MX)
Javier Reyes – dr. (CO)

When words don’t suffice, there is music. The story of jazz-guitarist and composer David Riaño Molina remains largely untold within the international music scene. The Columbian-born, German- raised artist is in no hurry to bind himself to one identity or another; instead, he flourishes in the luxury of belonging to both. Despite his growing success as a jazz musician in numerous Berlin formations, the evolving artist keeps his eyes and aspirations set on a horizon beyond the borders of jazz. Choosing to stray from the shores of the familiar, he surrenders his senses to the lure of the unknown and delves into the largely unexplored realm of Latin American folk music. As though guided by an inner compass, Riaño Molina was drawn to the voice of Cumbia, one of the most beloved music forms of his childhood home in Columbia. “Cumbia has always been a kind of fusion music,” Riaño Molina explains. “It combines African rhythms with indigenous flutes and vocals. What’s missing in traditional Cumbia music is harmony... That was the challenge for me, to blend jazz harmonies into Cumbia rhythms.”
This compelled Riaño Molina to introduce Cumbia, a shy but promising newcomer to European music circles, into the local Berlin scene. His new project Ambrodavi was born with the purpose of nurturing a new musical hybrid, integrating Cumbia and her enticing traditional flavour into this tightly-knit local circle, without her foreign mystique startling any sceptics.
Ambrodavi transforms the unknown and exotic into the familiar and nostalgic. The band, in both its Bogotá and Berlin formations, blends a miscellany of continental, temporal and stylistic influences into an exquisite pastiche which invokes both the mind and the heart. Latin influences are woven gracefully into the tapestry, avoiding cliché with honest authenticity. “When Latin Jazz is spoken of, it’s usually in the context of well-known Brazilian or Cuban styles, but Latin America has much more to offer.”
Ambrodavi brings the Andes to the backyard. The concept of world-music has won a new relevance in the celebration of this first album. Campo Libre doesn't simply deliver a fusion of two distinct genres, but allows for a richness of sound and rhythmic contours to grow and flourish in the expert hands of the musicians: singer Adriana Urrea, saxophonist and gaita-player Juan Abaiza, bassist Julian Gomez and drummer Pedro Acosta, as well as guests Nils Ostendorf (trumpet), Sergio Gomez (bass) und Kati Brien (sax/clarinet) feed the music exactly what it needs to thrive. The band succumbs with hypnotising effortlessness to their timelessly virulent melodies, reminding all of us that raw lust for life and sentimental nostalgia are much more closely connected than we often think.
With the release of Campo Libre the anchor is raised, and David Riaño Molina finds himself venturing into the wake of a new horizon, like Christopher Columbus before the hidden gates of his new world. The rest of the story is best left to the music.

Für sein Debütalbum “Campo Libre”, reiste der in Berlin lebende Gitarrist David Riaño Molina zurück in seine Heimat Kolumbien, um sich dort seinen kulturellen Wurzeln zu nähern und seine musikalische
Identität zu hinterfragen. Er befasste sich intensiv mit kolumbianischer Folkloremusik und komponierte sehr persönliche Stücke für ein Quartett plus Sängerin, in
denen traditionelle kolumbianische Rhythmen wie die Cumbia, Mapale und Buyerengue mit Elementen des Modern Jazz und der Popmusik vermischt werden.
Es entstand ein ganz eigenständiger, origineller Sound, geprägt von treibenden Grooves, raffinierten Gesangslinien und dem Klang der kolumbianischen Gaitaflöte.
Mit einer spannenden Besetzung aus internationalen Musikern aus Berlin und Bogotá,
bringt David Riaño Molina nun diese neue, hochenergetische und exotische Musikfusion nach Europa.
"Ambrodavi will make your heart pulse and your hips shake“

"a deep and tasteful musical work“ – Kurt Rosenwinkel

"beautiful, unique and original songs“ – Greg Cohen

Beginn 21:15 Uhr( Einlass 20:00 Uhr) 
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