Paula Țurcaș - voc. (RO)
Mihai Victor Iliescu - g. (RO)
Oli Bott -  vib. (DE)

Paula Țurcaș is the voice of our band Zmeitrei. Born in Transylvania, she left Romania to embark on a long journey of evolution and self-discovery. After touring in Europe as an opera singer, she's now going back to the roots to record her first album with Zmeitrei.
Mihai Victor Iliescu, former lawyer, former creative director. Six years ago he quit the corporate job to follow his dream and become a musician. He's the guitarist of the band Zmeitrei and he also writes the lyrics.
Oli Bott  is transforming his vibes almost into a rock lead instrument. He studied at Berklee with Gary Burton. After performing once in Romania with Zmeitrei he felt so inspired, that he started composing the music for them.

Rough Romanian Soul.

Band of Romanians from Berlin with songs composed by a German with Romanian lyrics and with American producer who won a Grammy with Tuaregs from Algeria makes an album in Romania that will be mixed in France and mastered in California with money from fans from Germany, Romania, USA, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand.

Eintritt frei – Beitrag erwünscht