Adi Wolf - Voc
Thomas Walter - Guitar
Seb Mastropiero - Viola
Gianfranco  Coppola - Bass
Tilman Persons- Drums

Originally from Bermuda, Professional singer/songwriter,and founder of Women of Music, Adi's voice is commanding, strong, melodic and at times haunting. With an impressive repertoire of Jazz, Soul and Blues standards she is easily influenced by the sounds of Billie Holiday, Anita O'Day, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan, Eva Cassidy and at times, Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole, and Aretha Franklin. She joins the ranks of that fascinating era of singers who could light up a stage with the first few bars of song. As the lead singer and songwriter of Rifiki, Dust to Dawn, and House of Adi, and lead singer for Freiburg Jazz Combo, she has proven to be a 'Voice to be Heard' . 
Since moving to Germany in July 2012, she has worked with several musicians, including Kuno Kerner, Johnny Gomer, Andreas Schauder,Phillip Herlyn Muneer Fennell, Matthias Daneck, Giorgio Crubo, Robin Draganic, Lionel Haas, Daryl Taylor, Fuasi Abdul Khaliq, Andrea Marcelli, Mike Segall, Bobby Rae Williams and Thomas Walter. She recently finished a year-long stint with the Landestheater in Linz, Austria, playing the role of Queenie, in Showboat. 
Concerts in Germany: Ruefetto Club, Cafe Diva, Freiburg University, Carl Schurz Haus, The Glass Haus in Freiburg: Soul Girl with Jesus Christ Superstar, at Circus Krone, Gartner Platz theatre, Munich, Badenscher Hof, SpeakEasy. Jammed at, Jazz Schuene, Edelweiss, Jazzy Berlin, Naked Jazz and Mokka Bar. 
Upcoming Events: Bikini Berlin Brunch, April 2, Badenscher Hof , April 15, Badenscher Hof, April 25, The Ellington, June 25, Hotel Polar Stern, July 30, Yorkschlosschen, August 1.

Beginn: 20:45 Uhr
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