Ramiro Olaciregui (g, comp.)
Max von Mosch  (sax) 
Uri Gincel (p)
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (b)
Jesus D. Vega  (dr, perc) 


 The World Citizen Band is an international contemporary jazz ensemble based in Berlin Germany. The band gathers musicians
from all over the world with the intention of uniting different cultures through music. They are... Max Von Mosch - Saxophone (Germany), Ramiro Olaciregui -Guitar (Argentina). Uri Gincel - Piano (Israel), Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - Contrabass (Denmark),& Jesus D. Vega - Drums
(United States). The band will be touring this summer trough Germany, Denmark, Costa Rica and Ecuador and will showcase
music by all 5 members of the group. This group is definitely a must see for anyone who is a fan of Jazz.



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