Tal Blumstein (IL) - p., voc. & comp.
Max Oleartchik (USA) - b.
Aiden Lowe (AU) - dr.


Pianist and composer Tal Blumstein was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. When he was six, he started studying classical piano and soon became a professional performing artist. At the age of fifteen he turned into the world of Jazz and popular music out of great interest for improvisation.

In 2008 he graduated with highest honors from the prestigious Jazz department of the Thelma-Yellin High School for the Arts, and after a few months joined the Israeli Defense Forces Orchestra as a lead-pianist and keyboardist. During his military service, Tal got the chance to musically-produce a few groups in his unit orchestra before and during their USA and European tours.

Also during his service, Tal began pursuing his degree in performance at the collaborative musicianship-excellence program of the Center for Jazz Studies in Tel Aviv, Israel and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in NYC and graduated from the program with highest honors as valedictorian. During the years he collaborated with artists from the top of the jazz scene in Israel and the U.S., and some top recording Israeli pop artists. Among his teachers are Sam Yahel, Aaron Goldberg, LeeAnn Ledgerwood, Reggie Worman, Kevin Hayes and more.

In the past few years, Tal has been leading his own original composition based groups, with his piano trio in the center of his career. The trio released its first album entitled “Tal Blumstein Trio” (2014) featuring bassist Max Oleartchik, drummer Itay Morchi and Finnish vocalist Dea Juris (track 3), which gained great success during a tour Tal played with another group of his at the Bern International Jazz Festival in May 2014. The trio has been playing together since 2010, and continues to create new music and perform in Israel and around the world.

International festivals and concerts abroad: Bray Dunes (France) Folk Festival (2005), the International Association for Jazz Education Annual Convention in Toronto, Canada (2008),


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One of the reasons that makes the zig zag jazz club so unique is that it is the first and only jazz club in the world that manages to finance world class events through a donation/crowd funding concept. How do we do it? Its quite simple… during the break of the concert we make an announcement regarding the collection for the evening. For most concerts (excluding the jam session) we inform our customers that a donation of around 15€ per person will allow us to fairly compensate the musicians. Some people give more and some give less… and that´s ok… we ´ve already successfully promoted hundreds of concerts like this!!!


Einer der Gründe, die den Zig Zag Jazzclub so einzigartig machen, ist, dass er der erste und einzige Jazzclub der Welt ist, dem es gelingt nur durch Spenden/Crowdfunding Events von Weltklasse zu finanzieren. Und wie machen wir das? Ganz einfach. Während der Konzertpause geben wir bekannt, dass wir Geld einsammeln werden. Bei den meisten Konzerten (außer Jam Sessions) informieren wir unsere Kunden, dass eine Spende von ungefähr 15 Euro es uns erlaubt die Musiker gerecht zu bezahlen. Manche geben dabei mehr und andere weniger... und das ist auch in Ordnung. Wir haben auf diese Weise schon Hunderte Konzerte organisiert.