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Dejan Terzic drums (D)
Chris Speed sax (US)
Bojan Z piano/fender rhodes (F)
Matt Penman bass (US)

Dejan Terzić AXIOM : Bojan Z, Chris Speed, Matt Penman Prometheus (CamJazz; im Vertrieb von Harmonia Mundi; VÖ: 18. November 2016) A high profile band for a work which in title and in execution seems to represent a daring challenge to the musical gods. Terzic is most obviously promethean in that he seems to have stolen fire and harnessed it. few contemporary drummers, even the flashiest, give such a sense of controlled burn.Every piece here seems to settle round the rhythms that he establishes, which seem to come from Jazz, Rock, Folk Forms and more abstract locations, but all fused together in a singular musical imagination. With Prometheus CAM JAZZ makes you set off on a journey through the unlimited expressive options of drums. Your tour guide here is Dejan Terzić, a German drummer of Bosnian origin who plays in quartet with Chris Speed on sax, Bojan Zulfikarpašić on piano and Fender Rhodes and Matt Penman on bass, to disclose an amazingly rich expressive realm, made of assorted moods, energy, strength, impressive depths of sound as well as hypnotic ostinatos. Dejan Terzić wrote all of the compositions on this record: his band-mates have risen to the challenge, weaving a wide-ranging, appealing plot with him. From the opening track, “Prometheus”, passing through “Red”, “Addiction and Subtraction” and “Sundance” all the way to the closing track, “New Parasomnia”, listeners will enjoy free improvisations, explosive rhythmic arrangements, dreamy interludes. Music moving from cheerful to passionate, from passionate to free, from free to structured, from structured to sweet, from sweet to outspoken, from outspoken to amusing, from amusing to inward-looking. Underlying this project is an extremely robust jazz, made up of key contributions, meetings, all-round musical life, which results in a fresh, novel, distinctive, irresistibly dynamic jazz. Under the supervision of music producer Ermanno Basso, Prometheus was recorded at Systems Two Recording Studio in Brooklyn, U.S. in February 2016, mixed by Johannes Wohlleben at Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg, Germany in April 2016, and mastered by Danilo Rossi.


DEJAN TERZIC „AXIOM“ Chris Speed - Bojan Z - Matt Penman Das im Jahre 2015 neu gegründete Quartett des Schlagzeugers und ECHO Jazz Preisträgers Dejan Terzic präsentiert seine Debüt-CD bei dem renommierten Label CAM Jazz. Die Musiker kennen sich untereinander schon sehr lange, zum Teil reichen die Begegnungen weit in die 80er Jahre zurück. Das Quartett improvisiert und interpretiert mit minimalistischen Ansätzen und lancholischen Farben, mit musikalischen Verflechtungen, vielschichtigen Strukturen und freien Ausformungen. Das Zusammenspiel der vier Individualisten ist atemberaubend - seit Jahren gehören sie zur Spitze der internationalen Jazzszene.



Eintritt/ Ticket : 15€ p.P


Dejan Terzic drums (D)

Drummer Dejan Terzic is one of a couple of handfuls of young musicians living in Germany who have begun to make their presence felt on the world jazz scene in the last decade. The reason for this abundance of budding world class talent taking root and flourishing in the German jazz soil is a theme for the jazz historian - but the fact is that Germany has become fertile ground for contemporary jazz.

BEST DRUMMER AWARD Festival Krakow Poland 94
BEST DRUMMER AWARD Jazzfestival Oberkochen 95
BEST DRUMMER AWARD International Festival Leipzig 95
CULTURAL PRIZE AWARD by the City of Nuremberg 97
CULTURAL PRIZE AWARD Kulturförderpreis Bayern 2004
ECHO JAZZ AWARD, Best Instrumentalist (Drums) 2014 

Chris Speed sax (US)


Chris Speed is a composer, clarinetist and saxophonist..
 - and is “one of the principal figures in a dynamic left-of-center jazz/improv scene in the city”  (NYTimes). His own bands include Endangered Blood, Human Feel, yeah NO, Trio Iffy, Pachora and The Clarinets.  He is a founding member of Jim Black’s Alas No Axis and John Hollenbeck’s Claudia Quintet (two of the most influential working bands today), works with Uri Caine (deconstructing works by Mahler, Mozart, Bach, Schoenberg, Gershwin) and maintains a busy career of touring, recording, performing, composing, practicing and teaching.
Speed was named the rising star clarinetist in Downbeat magazine for 2004, 2005 and 2006, was the recipient of a NEA composition grant in 1993, and in 2004 was the guest soloist at the Copenhagen International Jazz Festival working with over 10 different cutting edge Danish bands.

Bojan Z piano/fender rhodes (F)

Multiple award-winning pianist Bojan Z (for Zulfikarpasic) was born in former Yugoslavia in 1968 and grew up in an environment where music was a widespread, daily activity. Starting classical piano lessons at the age of 5, he found himself in the Belgrade rock scene as a youngster, obtained a scholarship at the age of 18 to study jazz with Clare Fischer in the US, to be awarded ‘Best Young Jazz Musician of Yugoslavia’ a few years later. At the age of 20 he left his hometown and settled in Paris, where he established himself as an inevitable element of the French jazz scene. 
More than two decades later, he has an impressive record to his name. Apart from being a much sought-after sideman, collaborating with outstanding names like Henri Texier, Michel Portal and Julien Lourau, Z has made eight albums under his own name. Six of them were released on Label Bleu, covering a wide range of styles and formations. The first three, two quartets and his multi-ethnical project Koreni, resulted in Z’s status as the pioneer who brought Balkan influences into jazz. They were followed by his successful first solo album Solobsession and two trio albums on which he collaborated with contemporary jazz greats from the American scene. 

Matt Penman bass (US)

“Penman brought out the bottom of the music in a way of which
bassists rarely conceive” David Miller, All About Jazz

“he can set up the most powerful of grooves” Sebastian Scotney,
LondonJazz Blog

“I haven’t heard low-end rumble like this since New Zealand separated from Gondwanaland” Tuatara at top-right

In addition to his main projects, Matt performs regularly with John Scofield; in trio and in quartet with Joe Lovano. He is a member of Nils Wogram’s Root 70, and Breve, a drummer-less trio with Hayden Chisholm and John Taylor.  Other collaborators have included Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kenny Werner, Dave Douglas, Chris Cheek, Seamus Blake, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Guillermo Klein, Rebecca Martin, Nicholas Payton, Fred Hersch and Madeleine Peyroux.


One of the reasons that makes the zig zag jazz club so unique is that it is the first and only jazz club in the world that manages to finance world class events through a donation/crowd funding concept. How do we do it? Its quite simple… during the break of the concert we make an announcement regarding the collection for the evening. For most concerts (excluding the jam session) we inform our customers that a donation of around 15€ per person will allow us to fairly compensate the musicians. Some people give more and some give less… and that´s ok… we ´ve already successfully promoted hundreds of concerts like this!!!


Einer der Gründe, die den Zig Zag Jazzclub so einzigartig machen, ist, dass er der erste und einzige Jazzclub der Welt ist, dem es gelingt nur durch Spenden/Crowdfunding Events von Weltklasse zu finanzieren. Und wie machen wir das? Ganz einfach. Während der Konzertpause geben wir bekannt, dass wir Geld einsammeln werden. Bei den meisten Konzerten (außer Jam Sessions) informieren wir unsere Kunden, dass eine Spende von ungefähr 15 Euro es uns erlaubt die Musiker gerecht zu bezahlen. Manche geben dabei mehr und andere weniger... und das ist auch in Ordnung. Wir haben auf diese Weise schon Hunderte Konzerte organisiert.