Dejan Jovanovic -  Accordion
Dejan Jovanovic - Violin
Vladimir Karparov - Sax
Dimitris Christides - Drums    

Dejan Jovanovic and Dejan Dejanovic don´t only share the same name. They are also  first cousins born and raised in Obrenovaz, Serbia, a small town on the outskirts of Belgrade famously known for bringing out some of the best Roma musicians in the world. Music in this part of the world is a central part of life and these two masters received their training from the time they were born. Learning and internalising music in this form allows them to effortlessly execute blazingly fast melodies but also captivate their audience with tear evoking ballads. The two cousins have since moved on and have travelled the world extensively spreading the joy and passion of Gipsy Music to every corner of the planet.  Come by and celebrate with one of Zig Zag´s most loved and in demand Groups!!!

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