Benson Mcglashan (CAN) - Guitar
Ben Kraef (DE) - Sax
Uri Gincel (IL) - Piano
Yonatan Levy (IL)- Bass
Jan Leipnitz (DE) - Drums

The quintet is playing a tribute to one of the greatest guitar players in the world, hip, groovy swing and beautiful melodies, Full House is an album filled with energy and swing.
The band features some of Berlin’s best young jazz musicians including: Benson Mcglashan "he reminds one of the cat-like sleekness of Wes Montgomery, the eloquence of Joe Pass and the melancholy of Jim Hall…“ DIE ZEIT
Yonatan Levy, played and recorded with Jimmy Cobb and many other legends of jazz.
Uri Gincel, one of Berlin’s best piano players and band leader.. "I have known Uri since his arrival on the Berlin jazz scene, where he has always played with fire and grace. an accomplished musician worthy of the opportunity to be heard” Kurt Rosenwinkel 

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