Daniel Weltlinger - Violin
Janko Stachlengro Lauenberger - Guitar
Giovanni Steinbach - Guitar
Mauso Bamberger - Guitar
Max Hartmann - Double bass

The Stachelites is a completely new sounding Berlin-based Gypsy-jazz quintet made up of top solo guitarist Janko Stachlengro Lauenberger (Sinti-Swing Berlin / Martin Weiss Family Band) and violinist Daniel Weltlinger (Lulo Reinhardt Latin-Swing Project / Karsten Troyke) with a driving rhythm section provided by Giovanni Steinbach and Mauso Bamberger on rhythm guitar and Max Hartmann on double bass. Four original Berliners (three German-Sinti, one Swiss-Korean), and one new Berliner (Australian born of French/Austro-Hungarian/Israeli family background) playing straight from the tradition firmly placed in the 21st Century Gypsy-jazz with a new sound in a new age from a renewed city..

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