Uri Gincel - p (IL)
Sebastian Studnitzky - tr (D)
Ben Kraef - sax (D)
Paul Kleber - b (D)
Tobias Backhaus - dr (D)


This new formed band will feature original music from all band members, with some of the new fresh sounds and direction of jazz! full of energy, joy and communication played by some of Berlin's best jazz musicians, the music ranges between Modal jazz, electronic influences and melodic songs.

STUDNITZKY has always been a traveller between the realms of jazz, classicaland electronic music.In his inimitable music not a single note is superfluous. It is detailed, minimalistic and transparent, yet it displays an emotional depthwhich is uniquely personal. Too edgy for pop, too emotional for jazz, too opulent for electronica, and with a rhythmic groove far removedfrom avant-garde, he has created something that is refreshingly new.

Konzert Beginn um 21:15 Uhr (Einlass 20:00 Uhr)