T'neeya: voc. 
Loomis Green : g.
Ali Baba: perc.

 T’NEEYA is a young Cameroonian Singer/songwriter. She started singing passionately at the
age of 6. By, 13 she was writing her own songs. Alongside 2 others, she led a school choir of
600 girls all at the age of 17.

Still not ready to be a professional singer, she attended fashion school at the University Of
Applied Sciences in Berlin. Shortly after, she came to the realisation of how short life
is, and the need to chase after her true passion. With her parents blessings, this young girl mustered  confidence to pursue her dreams in the world of music.
In 2013 T’neeya started working with Toni Hauschild, an incredible producer.
Toni helped her a great deal in finding and creating her sound, through his direction and coaching. With her richness in cultural experiences, her vibrant energy, strong vocals and catchy tunes, T’neeya was been able to capture the hearts of many.

T’neeya’s debut single “LIVING IN THE MOMENT“ got her a ticket to the 2013 NRJ Newcomer contest in Germany and a nomination in the ‘Best Song’ category for the MMM Sound Casting. With the assistance of Poperrazi ,Heart Media and Power Promotions UK, the single was a  topping the charts.

Currently signed to BYG Entertainment and working on her first solo project , we can
expect a lot more music with a creative blend Afro, Soul and Dancehall, coupled amazing collaborations and most of all good vibes.
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