Ben Kraef - sax (DE/MNE)
Geoffroy De Masure - trombone (FR)
Uri Gincel - piano (IL)
Yonatan Levy - bass (IL)
Sebastian Merk - drums (DE)

These 5 great musicians will take on a dive to the great era of jazz in the Blue note 60's and boogaloo theme, with lots of swing and high energy tunes!

Blue Note Records is an American jazz record label, established in 1939 by Alfred Lion and Max Margulis. Francis Wolff became involved shortly afterwards. It derives its name from the characteristic "blue notes" of jazz and the blues.

Originally dedicated to recording traditional jazz and small group swing, from 1947 the label began to switch its attention to modern jazz. While the original company did not itself record many of the pioneers of bebop, significant exceptions are Thelonious Monk, Fats Navarro and Bud Powell.

Boogaloo is a genre of Latin music and dance which was popular in the United States in the 1960s. Although it came to prominence after the bossa nova and was influenced by the new drumbeat of modern samba, boogaloo originated in New York City mainly among teenage Puerto Ricans. The style was a fusion of popular African American rhythm and blues (R&B) and soul music with mambo and son montuno.

- Ben Kraef is a German-Montenegrin saxophonist and composer based in Berlin.

Ben graduated from the University of Music “Hanns Eisler”, Berlin. In 2007 he relocated to New York City on a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and obtained a Master of Arts from The City College of New York in 2009.

In the past years Ben has won international acclaim in form of several prizes and awards, among these most notably the Biberacher Jazzpreis (2006), the “Concours International de Jazz de Fribourg” (2007), the Yamaha Saxophone Contest (2007), and the Billie Stoller Scholarship to an outstanding scholar and musician from The City College of New York (2008).

Ben’s activities as a performer have included his membership in the renowned National German Youth Big Band (BuJazzO), where he was part of the concert line-up for a total of three years.

He has had the chance to perform throughout Europe, the Middle East, as well as southern Africa and Japan.

- Geoffroy De Masure started playing trombone and piano at fourteen years old. From 1985 to 1989 he studied at the Conservatoire in Avignon classical trombone with Professor Bernard Buffet and Jazz with André Jaume. He started playing professionally at 18 in rock and funk band and got his first jazz engagements with his own bands. In 1989 he toured extensively Germany for 8 months with Harald Junkhe and Georg Preuss (Mary and Gordy show).

In 1990 he then moved to New York to further study and experiment jazz life there, he studied privately with trombonist Robin Eubanks. He participated in the Banff Center for The Arts Jazz program in Canada which was to be a essential influence and had profound impact in his evolution as a musician, with artistic head Steve Coleman, and faculty staff Rufus Reid, Robin and Kevin Eubanks, Marvin Smitty Smith, Kenny Wheeler, Stanley Cowell.

- Uri Gincel is one of the most in demand and respected Jazz pianists in Berlin. Uri´s style can be described as heavily rooted in tradition but with sensibility and understanding of bringing jazz into the modern age. His playing is dynamic, lyrical and above full of energy and power! Born in Tel-Aviv, Gincel came to Berlin in 2009 and quickly became an influential part of the Jazz scene, Uri toured the world with many projects, including "Uri Gincel Trio” and “Bonaparte” and studied under some major musicians as Arnie Lawrence and Walter Blending Jr.

- Yonatan Levi is a 29-year-old musician born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Displaying musical tendencies since infancy, he was sent to an esteemed school of arts between ages 6-16, growing within the music, He was later honored a full scholarship to the prestigious Berkley College of Music. In 2006 he moved to New York City and immersed himself in the New York Jazz world, Levi is currently based in Berlin, Germany, but is constantly on the road between Europe, the US and Israel.

- Sebastian Merk is a sought after drummer and multi instrumentalist who always enhances the music with his overview of the complete picture and attention to detail. Highly musical and sensitive to his surroundings Sebastian is in constant demand by many of the leading jazz artists of today.

Beginn 21:15 Uhr (Einlass 20:00 Uhr)



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