McKinley Moore - voc
Ben „King“ Perkoff – sax
David – Perkoff – sax
Freimuth „Freddie“ Fischkal – g
Ernie Schmiedel – keyb
Hans Hoffmann – b
Klaus Krüger – dr 

           The Zig Zag is proud to present one of San Francisco´s most talented and respected vocalists performing songs from the late and great Ottis Redding. Supported by Soul train one of Berlins most powerful soul bands prepare for an unforgettable evening!

            The history of soul singers who cut their teeth in the African American church on gospel music is long and rich. The black church is the backdrop of most practitioners of the blues, rhythm & blues and especially soul music which came out of America's southern stat. McKinley "Moore" Shaw Jr. has followed in that tradition, being the son of the Baptist Minster, Reverend McKinley Shaw Sr., and Mittie Arcola Moore Shaw, his mother, with family roots beginning in rural Tyler, Texas. The singing of gospel music was very much a part of the daily routine in the Shaw household
           During McKinley's formative childhood years he began playing drums in a teen garage band while also being schooled by a local itinerant farm worker from the deep south on the blues harmonica in the southern style. In the seventies McKinley made his way to San Francisco there he met another harmonica virtuoso, the late Alvis Gumm of Tennessee, who taught McKinley his unique style of harp playing and singing his deep-chested soul vocal style. McKinley by then proficient harp player sitting in with the likes of Willie Dixon, Albert Collins, Billy Branch and many other acts during their West Coast tours. 
           In the eighties, McKinley met and became protégé to Blues Harmonica legend Sam Myers who encouraged McKinley that just being a harmonica player with a different and unique style was not going to cut it! Thus McKinley return to his gospel roots where his heart and soul, were musically, implanted in him from his childhood years. McKinley began performing as a vocalist, in and around San Francisco's music scene and sitting in with the likes of the late Albert Collins, the great Willie Dixon, Johnny Heartsman & Band, Billy Branch - The Boss of the Harmonica, Katie Webster, and Joe Louis Walker to name a few.




Beginn 21:15 Uhr( Einlass 20:00 Uhr) 
Eintritt frei – Beitrag erwünscht


One of the reasons that makes the zig zag jazz club so unique is that it is the first and only jazz club in the world that manages to finance world class events through a crowd funding concept. How do we do it? Its quite simple… during the break of the concert we make an announcement regarding the collection for the evening. For most concerts (excluding the jam session) we inform our customers that a fee of around 15€ per person will allow us to fairly compensate the musicians. Some people give more and some give less… and that´s ok… we ´ve already successfully promoted hundreds of concerts like this!!!

Einer der Gründe, die den Zig Zag Jazzclub so einzigartig machen, ist, dass er der erste und einzige Jazzclub der Welt ist, dem es gelingt nur durch freiwilligem Eintritt/Crowdfunding Events von Weltklasse zu finanzieren. Und wie machen wir das? Ganz einfach. Während der Konzertpause geben wir bekannt, dass wir Geld einsammeln werden. Bei den meisten Konzerten (außer Jam Sessions) informieren wir unsere Kunden, dass ein Beitrag von ungefähr 15 Euro es uns erlaubt die Musiker gerecht zu bezahlen. Manche geben dabei mehr und andere weniger... und das ist auch in Ordnung. Wir haben auf diese Weise schon Hunderte Konzerte organisiert.