Jorge Rossy - vib. (ES)
Mark Turner - t.sax. (USA)
Peter Bernstein -g. (USA)
Al Foster - dr. (USA)
Doug Weiss - b. (USA)

This is my new quintet, a new instrumentation, tenor sax, guitar, bass, drums, and vibraphone – not a common sound – but probably not the first time this has been done, if we talk about just the instruments…
But every time I think of starting a band, mostly I’m thinking of the individual sounds and souls of the players.
This is really a new band made of old friends, who I happened to love and admire very much, for many years. And who I think are ideal interpreters of my music, who can not only understand it deeply, but also expand and add to it from each one of their own beautiful and rich musical worlds.

It is very exciting for me to play with dear friends from over 20 years in the new territory of my own compositions. To do so playing vibes, which is also a somehow a relatively new and strangely familiar instrument for me, is adding the freshness and magic of the experience.

With this dream band I know that our music will develop with the complicity of long friendship, aesthetic affinity and the musicianship of real masters to reach a place where countless worlds of sound, emotion, and feeling await to be explored and enjoyed.

I know every time we play will be an unforgettable experience for me.