Desney Bailey - vocals (US)
Helmut Bruger - keyboard (DE)
Robin Draganic - bass (US)
Michael Clifton - drums (US)

The Helmut Bruger Trio is a part of that of the Jazz/Soulszene in Berlin and fills the clubs, with original songs from Helmut and a large selections of standards, sung by Desney Bailey.  Berliner, Helmut Bruger studied music in Berklee, and plays with famous artists from everywhere in the world. New Yorker, Desney Bailey, is also known in the Lounge, House music scene where she has worked with Jazzanova, Slope, Machomovers, and the Robin Masters Orchestra. The wonderful jazz singer with a special feeling for Jazz and Swing and that certain touch of Billie and Ella shines with chosen beautiful standards, in which she adds a special twist, optically and acoustically uniquely fascinating.

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