Yogev Shitrit - drums  (ISR)
Gal Maestro - bass (ISR)
Eyal Lovett -  piano (ISR)


Triyogi is an exciting new project playing the wonderful music of Yogev Shitrit. 

The music is a mixture of traditional North African music, from the Moroccan heritage of Yogev, contemporary jazz and Mediterranean music. Influenced by musicians like Avishai Cohen, Yogev’s music has beautiful lyrical melodies, accompanied by sophisticated Mediterranean rhythms. 

The band members are Yogev Shitrit – drums, Eyal Lovett – piano, Rene Mayr –bass. 

Yogev is one of the most versatile drummers in Israel. A graduate of the Jerusalem music academy, Rimon school of music, and the NY drum collective. He was a member of the international hip hop group COOLOOLOOSH, with whom he had played many international tours and festivals. Yogi played with many of the leading artists in Israel, like Mika Sade, Fernando Knopf, Eylon Tourjeman, and many others. 

Eyal Lovett is an Israeli born pianist-composer. Eyal’s playing is influenced by a wide range of music. Although classically trained, he is deeply immersed in the jazz tradition, as well as in the diverse music located in Israel and the Middle East. His trio performs regularly around Europe, and he is also performing as a sideman with many artists, such as Kenneth Dahl Knudsen and Ganna Gryniva. 

Rene Mayr Is an Austrian bass player. He is currently living and playing in Berlin in projects such as The Tom-Tom Trio. He is a graduate of The Academy of Contemporary Music in London and has a Masters of Music Degree from Kingston University.After graduating, Rene was a permanent member of London’s West End and played with musicians such as Bill Bruford, Dave Ital, Rory Simmons and Chad Smith he was also a member of The London Jazz Collective (Progressive Big Band), Underdog Ensemble (Charles Mingus Big Band) and more. 


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