Tneeya - voc.
Willy Sahel - g.
Tunde Ali Baba - dr.

The young and serene voice T'neey(Jennifer Tania Takoh ) is a Cameroonian/German, soul,alternative afrobeat and dancehall singer and Songwriter emerging with a fresh sound from the influences of Micheal Jackson ,2 Face, Lauryn Hill ,Erykah Badu. Born in Cameroon , she taught herself to sing and write at a young age and was involved in her school choir leading 600 girls and competing in several local talent shows.(In Cameroon ) 

The multi cultural "Tneeya" who has a few songs to her credit has done a couple of local and international collaborations and worked with various producers notably Berlin based Super producer "Toni Hauschild".Everyone has a story to tell and an emotion that needs to escape the soul, for Tneeya this comes in the form of heartfelt lyrics and music of struggle and joy that is often described as “moving”. 

Tneeya did not pursue singing as a full time career early due to her reluctance , saying "Singing professionally wasn't a reality for me, until my parents started noticing, I sounded good and gave me their blessing".T'neeya who studied Fashion at the University of Applied Sciences - Berlin realised how short life is and decided to pursue her dreams without looking back. 

Pulling from many different cultures, life experiences and vibrant energy,"T" has developed a sound with strong vocals and catchy tunes , which has been able to 

capture the hearts of many . 

As a rebel she is avoiding being a cliché, crafting a unique music and fashion style and authentic story which she shares in her music through Pidgin, English and French, have many toting the youngster as Africa's song bird of the Urban Modern Africa to watch in the year to come. 

And if her initial buzz is any indication, all signs point to a new modern African urban music era, appropriately led by “Tneeya”. 

T'neeya is currently promoting her single "Hold Me Down" which is receiving good reviews from fans, bloggers & djs. 

'" The best view comes after the hardest climb "


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