Kelvin Sholar - p. (USA)
Charles Sammons - b. (USA)
Marlon Browden - dr (USA)

Kelvin Sholar is a Black American pianist, composer, band-leader, educator, label owner and publisher known for crossing stylistic boundaries in music. A fourth generation musician, Sholar has been featured on over 100 recording, and has been cited in traditional and new media- from radio to television, magazine to newspaper and internet; including work with iconic American director Spike Lee. In addition to performances as special guest with numerous artists (such as Stevie Wonder or Kevin Saunderson), Sholar and his group have performed worldwide across America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Charles Sammons is an American instrumentalist, composer, and instructor world renowned for his innovative techniques and approach. Equally at home behind the double bass, electric bass, and cello, Sammons pushes the outer boundaries of the idiom and the instruments while retaining firm footing in tradition. A consummate collaborator, Sammons has been featured on dozens of recordings from jazz through electronica, rock through pop. As a performer and sideman, Sammons has played and toured with a host of the worlds most excellent artists including members Parliament Funkadelic and touring in support of the Indigo Girls.

Marlon Browden - Born  in  St.  Louis,  Missouri,  now  living  between  Berlin  and  New  York,  Marlon's  musical  influences  are  stylistically  diverse;  ranging  from  rock  and  soul  to  classical,  punk,  jazz  and  electronic.  His  latest  creation  shows  Marlon's  abilities  as  a  writer  to  capture  a  feeling  of  life  that  almost  every  age  certainly  most  generations  can  relate  to.  Sung  in  that  gentle  way  that  endears  him  to  people  of  different  backgrounds,  this  music  is  centered  around  lyrical  poetics,  subtle  melodies  and  dirty  beats  that  move  you  one  way  or  the  other...

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