Sebastian Studnitzky - tr. (DE)
Uri Gincel - p. (IL)
Tal Arditi - g. (IL)
Paul Kleber - b. (DE)
Tobias Backhaus - dr. (DE)

This new formed band will feature original music from all band members, with some of the new fresh sounds and direction of jazz!

full of energy, joy and communication played by some of Berlin's hottest names in jazz, the music ranges between Modal jazz, electronic influences and melodic songs.

The name of the band communicates with the Miles album by that name, continuing the heritage and vibe that Miles brought to the jazz world, a night you won't want to miss!

- Studnitzky has always been a traveller between the realms of jazz, classicaland electronic music.In his inimitable music not a single note is superfluous. It is detailed, minimalistic and transparent, yet it displays an emotional depthwhich is uniquely personal. Too edgy for pop, too emotional for jazz, too opulent for electronica, and with a rhythmic groove far removed from avant-garde, he has created something that is refreshingly new.

- Born in Tel-Aviv in 81', jazz pianist Uri Gincel came to Berlin in 2009 and quickly became one of the most in demand piano players on the scene, Uri toured the world with many projects, including "Uri Gincel Trio” and “Bonaparte”. in the last couple of years Uri began working with electronic music, and has recorded and preformed with Bruno Pronsato, in the the electronic duo “Tyoma" who scored also an important collaboration with an "international name" like Matthew Herbert.

- Tal Arditi studied at the prestigious Rimon University Of Music in Israel. At the age of 17 he reached the finales at the "Israeli Jazz Player" competition. After his studies he preformed at several jazz festivals in Israel and Europe including, the "Umbria Jazz Festival," "Red Sea Jazz Festival," ''Jerusalem Jazz Festival’,’ and the "XJAZZ festival." Tal moved recently to Berlin and has quickly become one of the most sought after players in the German jazz scene. Tal has recently released his Debut album, ''Portrait''.

- Paul Kleber was born in Berlin/Germany and started playing cello and drums as a young kid before he chose his main instrument, the double bass. He studied classical double bass at the Hochschule für Musik „Hanns Eisler“ Berlin and jazz too at the Universität der Künste Berlin. Kleber played and recorded with Jazzanova, Sebastian Studnitzky, British band Fink, Micatone, Nylon, JazzIndeed and Lisa Bassenge. As a sideman he accompanied many artists i.e. Dee Dee Bridgewater, Mark Murphy, Emiliana Torrini, Nina Hagen, Nils Landgren, David Friedman and Nightmares On Wax.

- Tobias Backhaus was born in Darmstadt, Germany on January 8 1984. He took up the drums at the age of 5 and has subsequently been studying under the guideance of jazz masters such as Keith Copeland, Ari Hoenig, Jim Black, John Hollenbeck and Jeff Ballard. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in jazz performance from the Jazz-Institute Berlin.

His individual approach and stylistic diversity – from traditional jazz to free improvisation, modern classical music and beyond – as well as his ability to effortlessly move between those different worlds have made him one of the most in-demand young drummers on the German jazz scene.

Tobias has been working with artists such as Torsten de Winkel, Till Brönner, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Tony Lakatos, Carlos Bica, Jiggs Whigham, Gwilym Simcock, Peter Weniger, Frank Chastenier and Ack van Rooyen, the Dresden Symphonic Orchestra, the NDR Big Band, the Berlin Jazz Orchestra and many others.

Beginn 21:15 Uhr( Einlass 20:00 Uhr) 
Eintritt frei – Beitrag erwünscht


One of the reasons that makes the zig zag jazz club so unique is that it is the first and only jazz club in the world that manages to finance world class events through a crowd funding concept. How do we do it? Its quite simple… during the break of the concert we make an announcement regarding the collection for the evening. For most concerts (excluding the jam session) we inform our customers that a fee of around 15€ per person will allow us to fairly compensate the musicians. Some people give more and some give less… and that´s ok… we ´ve already successfully promoted hundreds of concerts like this!!!

Einer der Gründe, die den Zig Zag Jazzclub so einzigartig machen, ist, dass er der erste und einzige Jazzclub der Welt ist, dem es gelingt nur durch freiwilligem Eintritt/Crowdfunding Events von Weltklasse zu finanzieren. Und wie machen wir das? Ganz einfach. Während der Konzertpause geben wir bekannt, dass wir Geld einsammeln werden. Bei den meisten Konzerten (außer Jam Sessions) informieren wir unsere Kunden, dass ein Beitrag von ungefähr 15 Euro es uns erlaubt die Musiker gerecht zu bezahlen. Manche geben dabei mehr und andere weniger... und das ist auch in Ordnung. Wir haben auf diese Weise schon Hunderte Konzerte organisiert.