Fotograf von dem Foto von IGOR SPALLATI ist  Gerhard Richter

Fotograf von dem Foto von IGOR SPALLATI ist Gerhard Richter

Dima Bondarev - tr. (UA)
Igor Osypov - guitar (UA)
UGO ALUNNI- dr. ( IT )

The Zig Zag is proud to announce a brand new and fresh Sunday concert series that showcases a community of jazz artists responsible for bringing about an explosion of energy and life into the Berlin jazz scene. The series will feature some of the most in demand, highly skilled and exciting young jazz talents in the scene today. Going against the trend of complexity, abstraction and the “academization” of the arts, these young masters have taken the jazz scene by surprise by packing in the clubs and bringing back to life a love and passion for hard swinging music. Performances are completely acoustic with little to no amplification. Subtle interaction, melodic focus and soulful virtuosity is at play here. If you’re interested in listening to some of the finest swinging sounds of jazz this is not an event to miss out on.

SUNDAY 19.05.19

Count Basie!!!!

William James "Count" Basie was an American pianist, organist, composer and bandleader who was one of the most influential figures in jazz. He was the leader of the “ Count Basie Orchestra “, one of the most prominent jazz performing bands of the swing era who, just like the other “ pilar “ jazz ensemble, The “Duke Ellington Orchestra “, survived long past the Bigband era and continued to record and perform until Count Basie’s death in 1984. Basie’s unique style of fusing blues and jazz established swing as a predominant music style: he changed the jazz landscape and shaped mid-20th century popular music, duly earning the title “King of Swing” because he made the world want to dance.

Dima Bondarev
Born in 1984 in Ukraine, Dima Bondarev began playing the trumpet at the age of 9. He discovered his passion for Jazz after initially studying classical music as a child.

In 2011 and 2016, he was awarded the Polish Cultural Scholarship “Gaude Polonia” and went on to study in Warsaw and Wroclaw with Piotr Wojtasik and Robert Majewski.

Between 2008 and 2013, Bondarev was very active in Ukraine, Russia and Poland taking part in major Jazz festivals and concert tours. He is a member of the famous Ukrainian Jazz band Acoustic Quartet and Magnifika group. Since 2007, he has participated in various international music contests and festivals in Russia and Ukraine. In 2010 he won the grand prize at MuzEnergo Festival, Usadba Jazz Festival and the First Award at International Contest of Young Jazz Performers named after Kim Nazaretov (Rostov-on-Don) in 2011.

Since 2013 Bondarev has been based in Berlin where he undertook both Batchelor and Master studies at the Jazz Institut Berlin (JIB) with Gerard Presencer, Tom Arthurs, Martin Auer and Sebastian Studnitzky, as well as John Hollenbeck, Greg Cohen, Geoffroy De Masure, Julia Hulsmann, Tino Derado, Guilherme Castro and Javier Reyes.

He received the Deutschlandstipendium in 2017 as well as the JIB-Jazz-Preis der Karl Hofer Gesellschaft in 2015 for the Bondarev/Osypov Quintet.

Bondarev’s own group, the Dima Bondarev Quintet, has performed at festivals all around Europe including the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy, Xjazz Festival in Germany, Jazz nad Odra in Poland, Jazz Bez in Ukraine and Poland and Jazz à Montauban in France.

His debut Album “I’m Wondering” won the 2nd price of ’50th Jazz and Odra festival’ in Wroclaw (Poland, 2014), the 1st Price of Festival de Jazz à Montauban (France, 2014), and the JIB-Jazz-Preis 2015 Der Karl Hofer Gesellschaft Gestiftet von Toni und Albrecht Kumm. The band was also presented at the Umbria Jazz Festival as a special guest.

As a sideman Dima has collaborated with Greg Cohen, Joey Baron, Conrad Herwig, Steve Turre, Nels Cline, Jim Black, Dana Hall, NDR Big Band, Josh Ginsburg, Wanja Slavin, Elias Stemeseder and many others.

Igor Osypov
Igor's playing not only draw inspiration from the Jazz idiom, but other genres such as Classical and Rock. Igor moved to Berlin in 2012, to dive into Berlin vibrant jazz scene and immediately became an important part of it. He has attended prestigious Jazz Institute Berlin where he was studying with a renowned jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. Among his other teachers were John Hollenbeck, Greg Cohen, Kalle Kalima, Gerard Presencer, Geoffroy De Masure, Tino Derado, Guilherme Castro and Javier Reyes. During his studying Igor has also been awarded with Deutschlandstipendium and JIB-Jazz-Preis der Karl Hofer Gesellschaft 2015 (Bondarev/Osypov Quintet). Igor's been playing concerts and taking part at festivals all over Europe both with his own band and as a sideman. He is not limited within the genres, but plays mostly jazz - although, all kinds of it.

Both his tunes and his playing tend to be really emotional and complex. The influences of highly raged musical interests made Igor's music intellectually developed but still clear for all kinds of audience.

Shortly after arriving in Berlin, Igor founded his Quintet, featuring some of his favorite musicians from all over Europe and the USA. Since it’s inception, the Quintet has performed at festivals all around the world. Has worked with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Logan Richardson's SHIFT, Blues People, Nasheet Waits, Josh Ginsburg, Wanja Slavin, Greg Cohen and many others. In the summer of 2014, Igor Osypov recorded his debut CD with American saxophonist Logan Richardson, which came out in the spring of 2015 on Unit Records.

In spring of 2016 the second album entitled "Dream Delivery" came out on


Igor Spallati, geboren am 16.08.1985 in Perugia ( Italien ) , begann im Alter von 11 Klarinette zu spielen. Mit 15 kam der elektrische Bass hinzu und mit 19 der Kontrabass.

Von 2005 bis 2009 studierte er Klassischer Kontrabass bei M° Silvio Bruni an dem “ Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “ in Terni. Danach hat er kurzzeitig bei M° Franco Petacchi an der “ Walter Staufer “ Akademie in Cremona Klassik weiter studiert. Im Jahr 2010 zog er nach Berlin um sein Studium am Jazz Institut Berlin fortzusetzen. Dort lernte er bis seinen Abschluss im 2014 u.a. bei Greg Cohen, , John Hollenbeck und Kurt Rosenwinkel. Vielseitige Musiker, er hat Erfahrung mit mehrere Musikstilen gesammelt und auf zahllosen Bühnen in den ganzen Europa, Russland und Japan gespielt ( Konzerthaus Berlin, Suntory Hall Tokyo, Umbria Jazz Festival, Jazz at Baltica.. ) Unter anderem arbeitete er mit solche renommierten Künstler wie Joe Chambers, Billy Hart, Nasheet Waits, Fred Hersch, Ambrose Akinmusire, Jim Mcneely, Lewis Nash, Jay Anderson, Ronnie Burrage, Pietro Tonolo, Gabriele Mirabassi, Elias Stemeseder, Dado Moroni, Joe Hisaishi, Louis Bacalov, Nicola Piovani, David Russel, Marco Socias, .

Er ist in mehreren Bands und Projekten Aktiv

Ugo Alunni is a drummer from Perugia, Italy. He attended the Conservatorio di Musica "Francesco Morlacchi” di Perugia (2000-2004) after which he moved to New York for further studies at the Collective School of Music (2005-2006).

He has been living in Berlin since 2010 where he studied at the Jazz Institut Berlin under the guidance of John Hollenbeck, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Greg Cohen and David Friedman, graduating in 2016.

He has played with Rossano Emili, Perugia Jazz Orchestra, Pietro Tonolo, Joe Chambers, Dan Kinzelman, Alessandro Lanzoni, Elias Stemeseder, Phil Donkin, Uli Kempendorff, Julia Hülsmann and many others.

Konzert Beginn um 20:30 Uhr (Einlass 19:30 Uhr)
Eintritt frei – Beitrag erwünscht


Einer der Gründe, die den Zig Zag Jazzclub so einzigartig machen, ist, dass er der erste und einzige Jazzclub der Welt ist, dem es gelingt nur durch freiwilligem Eintritt/Crowdfunding Events von Weltklasse zu finanzieren. Und wie machen wir das? Ganz einfach. Während der Konzertpause geben wir bekannt, dass wir Geld einsammeln werden. Bei den meisten Konzerten (außer Jam Sessions) informieren wir unsere Kunden, dass ein Beitrag von ungefähr 15 Euro es uns erlaubt die Musiker gerecht zu bezahlen. Manche geben dabei mehr und andere weniger... und das ist auch in Ordnung. Wir haben auf diese Weise schon Hunderte Konzerte organisiert.

One of the reasons that makes the zig zag jazz club so unique is that it is the first and only jazz club in the world that manages to finance world class events through a crowd funding concept. How do we do it? Its quite simple… during the break of the concert we make an announcement regarding the collection for the evening. For most concerts (excluding the jam session) we inform our customers that a fee of around 15€ per person will allow us to fairly compensate the musicians. Some people give more and some give less… and that´s ok… we ´ve already successfully promoted hundreds of concerts like this!!!