Joel Holmes - Piano/Keyboard (USA)
Martin Buhl - Bass (DK)
Kuba Gudz - Drums (PL)

Special Guest:
Eldar Tsalikov - Saxophone (RU)

Joel Holmes is a Grammy Nominated internationally known Pianist, Producer and Composer,
performing in various formations from New York to Japan, convincing the listeners with his
unique touch and sense of groove. His repertoire ranges from traditional Jazz, to world music,
Nu-Jazz, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop and Electronic music.

On this special night, him and his trio will be accompanied by young saxophone-phenomenon Eldar Tsalikov.

Joel Holmes ist eine Grammy-nominierte, international anerkanntes Pianist, Produzent und Komponist. Er tritt im unterschiedliche projekten auf über die ganzen Welt, vom New York zum Japan, und überzeugt die Zuhören mit seine unikken gefühl und groove. Seine Repertoire besteht aus traditionellen Jazz, World Musik, Nu-Jazz, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop und Elektronisches Musik.

Auf diesen speciellen Abend werde seine Trio und Ihn bei jungen Saxofon-Phänomen Eldar Tsalikov begleitet.


The Odense native developed a deep interest for the bass in his early teens and it did not take him long to emerge in the lively danish musical scene.

He holds a bachelor degree from the prestigious Berlin Jazz Institut where he found mentorship in legendary bassist and producer Greg Cohen.

He lends his talents to a variety of international artists and travels the globe extensively providing his strong pulse on upright and electric bass.

Eldar Tsalikov

Born in 1993, in Rostov on Don, Russia. After finishing studying at the ‘Kim Nazaretov Children’s Jazz School’, Eldar moved in Berlin in 2011, starting his studies at the ‘Jazz-Institut-Berlin’ under the guidance of such artists as Peter Weniger, Greg Cohen and John Hollenbeck.

Eldar visited Europe for the very first time in 2005 taking a part at the ‘Glasgow International Jazz Festival’, and since then has been traveling and performing in such countries as Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Greece etc.

Along with his own gypsy-swing group ‘Eldar Tsalikov FO’tet’, Eldar has been taking a part in numerous projects, collaborating with such great artists as Greg Cohen, Joey Baron, Evan Christopher, Wycliffe Gordon, Irvin Mayfield, Anna Webber, Dave Liebman, Jerry Bergonzi, Tommy Smith, Dennis Rowland.

Kuba Gudz
Born 15.11.1992 in Poznań, Poland. Started being involved in music at the age of 4. In 2011 moved to Berlin, Germany to study at the Jazz Institut Berlin with an American drummer John Hollenbeck. Gratuated in 2016 as Bachelor of Jazz.

On the Berlin music scene he is mainly known as a member of the Urban Base Community, an underground jazz/hip hop/soul collective led by the Grammy nominated pianist Joel Holmes alongside the renowned young Danish bass player Martin Buhl. The Trio has played under the name Green House Expansion with the New York rapper Stimulus, known for his work with Robert Glasper, Chris Dave and other giants of the American hip hop/jazz scene. As of 2018, the band performs as a trio under the name of Joel Holmes Trio, with which he has recently played on the Off Tanjazz Festival in Morocco.

Since he has graduated from University, he has been teaching drumset and piano to people of various age and advancement level both privately and in music schools. Since March 2019 he is a drum set teacher at the Hans-Werner-Henze Musikschule in Berlin, Germany.

He has worked with Riccardo del Fra, the last double bass player of Chet Baker, with whom he has toured extensively around Europe, playing at the Italian Parliament, the jazz club Porgy and Bess in Vienna, and the A-Trane Berlin with the guest appearance of Kurt Rosenwinkel, to name a few. In Fall 2017 he has played a world tour with a New Zealand piano player Aron Ottignon, visiting Sydney and Wangaratta (Australia), London, Paris, Bordeaux, a couple of German cities and finishing in Kantine am Berghain in Berlin.

For the last two years he has been working with Shishko Disco, a travelling world music/rock collective (playing festivals like Fusion, O.Z.O.R.A. and Bucht der Träumer), the band of Nanghiti Aviankoi, a soul diva originating from Surinam, a power trio Tolyqyn with a Canadian singer-songwriter Roland Satterwhite and an Israeli young guitar prodigy Tal Arditi (debut album to be released in June 2019) and the band Jamila & The Other Heroes, which toured the Middle East in March 2019 (cities of Amman, Ramallah and Haifa).

He performs regularly in Poland with Michał Martyniuk, who has been nominated to the prestigious Polish Fryderyk Award after the release of the album Nothing To Prove, on which Gudz plays the drums. They played numerous performances together - a tour in Ukraine, a tour in South East Asia and countless shows in Poland.


Beginn 21:15 Uhr( Einlass 20:00 Uhr) 
Eintritt frei – Beitrag erwünscht


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